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Majestic skies with familiar Los Angeles & East L.A. cityscapes & skylines, evoke an overwhelming sense of belonging to the city, or the city belonging to us. We remember those special moments, when we just need to stop and look up in awe of a beautiful sunset - half clouds, half haze and a splash of color ablaze. It grounds us, it empowers us because we know that no-matter-what, the sun will rise again tomorrow.  We want to take that moment home.

Join us as we proudly host, Ramon Ramirez on Sunday, June 12, 2016, 3:00 - 7:00 pm at TONALLI STUDIO in Old Town Maravilla

Ramon Ramirez is a native of East Los Angeles, with a Masters in Architecture and a Masters in Visual Arts from University of California, Berkeley. He lives out his passion for painting every day in his studio, capturing moment after moment of spectacular sunsets that celebrate the familiar neighborhoods of East L.A. His style is free and meticulous with massive colorful skies and detailed sihouhettes of his beloved home, "The Queen" Los Angeles. His love for painting in oils with his unique huge brushes he collected on vacation one year in Korea, give his work a depth you can palate, as the layers of glazes and colors create a conscious dream state.