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Love Springs Eternal; the art of flowers. Paintings by David Lopez

Join us on Sunday, April 3 at Tonalli Studio for the opening of "Love Springs Eternal," paintings by David Lopez.


Love Springs Eternal (Primavera Eterna de Amor) is an exploration of our relationship with the flowers of our lives. Flowers are a symbol of Life, Love, Devotion and Comfort. In the presence of a beautiful floral bouquet, one is forced to stop, observe and contemplate the awesome nature of creation around us and the unconditional message they emit every day they are in bloom. Like these miraculous creations, the Mujeres in our lives are equally marvelous, as artist David Lopez so beautifully expresses through his works.


Lopez, a native of East Los Angeles of Mexican and Chumash decent and Vietnam War Veteran, is a prolific artist who attended Art Center of Design and majored in illustration before pursuing a career in the film industry. Lopez worked as a production painter, scenic and animation artist for several high profile films and several Michael Jackson commercials. Lopez’s legacy are the interior and exterior murals originally painted in the Maravilla Housing Authority Projects, In East L.A. 1973. The Our Lady of Guadalupe mural painted on housing barrack that was salvaged after the local community protested the demolition of the cherished mural when the projects were demolished in 1975. After the mural was relocated to its present location on Mednik Avenue, it was maintained by the community and then fully restored by the artist in 2008. At the very beginning, this revered mural has been a community landmark, a shrine where residents still come to offer flowers, light candles, and pray.


Lopez was a resident artist associated with renown Goez Studio in East L.A. in the 1970’s when he, along with artist Robert Arevinar, worked on a now famous painting of the Hispanic Medal of Honor winners, commissioned by the Pentagon in Washington DC. Lopez now resides in Baja California.