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  • TONALLI STUDIO 4539A East Cesar E Chavez Avenue East Los Angeles, CA, 90022 United States (map)

TONALLI STUDIO invites you to journey with us in a sacred soundbath & manifestation ceremony, igniting your untapped powers of prosperity, wealth and beauty as we call in the energies of Goddess Lakshmi. Lakshmi is the goddess of abundance and prosperity. - guided by Mystic, Jennifer Escalera.


This is a special evening filled with sacred sounds, ceremony and celebration for Jennifer Escalera’s SACRED SOUND ALBUM: Lakshmi Magick: Mystical Vibration. mp3 realease. 

Jennifer Escalera will lead you through a guided meditation to call in the energies of Goddess Lakshmi to help you manifest what you desire in life. Jennifer will support your abundance through the vibrational energies of sacred sound healing, and to help you release energy blockages and cleanse your shadows of abundance (greed, materialism, insecurities) to help you truly manifest your inner and outer abundance. 

What's included...

-Crystal singing bowls, gongs, vocal toning, and other sacred sounds to attune and raise your higher energetic body
-A Lakshmi guided meditation to balance your chakra centers and release blockages to help you manifest good fortune such as money, health, love, inner bliss, and gratitude.
-Being immersed in a sacred space where you can easily access your Highest Self, tune-in to your spirit guides, ancestors, and yummy goodness
-An alter for Lakshmi which you can bring your own precious items to show your gratitude to her, then take them home with you
-Handout on how to continue working with Goddess Lakshmi after the soundbath ceremony


Who is this for? Anyone who loves to find ways to relax, create inner peace, self-love, and quiet the mind. If you've been struggling with sleeping, overwhelm, or poor self-care this is totally for you! Come join us! SPACE IS LIMITED.


Included in your registration is an mp3 of Jennifer's album, Lakshmi Magick: Mystical Vibration

-You’ll be equipped with a sacred sound audio to keep your manifesting energies amplified and enlivened!

-Ways to enhance self-care and wellness for better health, relationships, and uplifted mood.

-Anchor in higher vibrations to create new energetic pathways to ensure an open, receptive spiritual connection.

What time does the meditation start? Please arrive at 7:00 pm to avoid disrupting the meditation process. This event is from 7pm-8:30pm. 

Location: Tonalli Studio, 4539 E Cesar E Chavez Ave.  East Los Angeles, CA 90022. Free street parking.   

How do I purchase tickets? $30 tickets. $25 for students and elders ($65+)

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What should I bring?

-Wear comfortable clothes as you will be lying down.

-Your own yoga mats and blankets.

-Please bring any accommodations, i.e. eye covers to maximize your comfort level, water, something under your knees to support lower back.

-Your own crystals, sentimental pieces, or pictures of loved ones (living or deceased) and the sick to be re-tuned by the vibrational healing.

Do I need to be a regular meditator? No way! This sound bath is for all levels from the beginner to the advance. You are going to experience a personal level of energetic shifting and releasing to make your life better so it does not matter how schooled you are about meditation.

How can I contact the organizer? Please contact Jennifer Escalera at 323-251-3596 or for any questions. Website is

What's the refund policy? Your ticket is non-refundable. 

Jennifer Escalera, LCSW, CH, TCT

About Jennifer Escalera, LCSW, CH, TCT

Jennifer Escalera is the founder of The Mystic Living School, is a licensed psychotherapist, mystic teacher, mother, and intuitive trauma healing specialist with extensive knowledge in the impact trauma has on the body, mind and spirit. Her focused studies include a range of energy psychologies, vibrational medicines and sound therapies. She specializes in healing relational traumas that steal the power of our true voice, sense of self-worth, self-understanding and freedom.

As a young woman, Jennifer was driven to awaken her mystic abilities and capacities for healing. At times this appeared as low self-worth and even depression. Through these experiences she was guided to study ancient practices of self-love. Her study includes tribal healing rituals, spirituality, shadow work and nature energies.

Today she mentors her clients and students to understand and work with their own heightened sensitivities, intuition and emotions to heal and protect their mind, body and spirit. To learn more about Jennifer’s work, please visit her website at or contact her at

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