TONALLI is that which emanates the universal creative energy --The Life Force. Our studio, located in the heart of East Los Angeles. is a place of creative wellness that is proud to feature local artists from the East Side. We bridge the practices of art and wellness to cultivate community through art exhibitions, poetry, music, yoga and an array of wellness workshops. Visit us Thursday-Saturday, 12pm-7pm.



Cultivating a healthy community starts with the individual.  A mindful awareness is a practice that is essential in bringing harmony to the whole person and the whole community.

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By showcasing established and emerging artists, authors and healing workers in our gallery, TONALLI STUDIO gives the community accessibility to experiences that inspires creative wellness and innovation.



Collaborations of self-expression expand a community's vision and fortitude.  Our events focus on sharing our talents to lift and inspire our community to build cultural capital.



TONALLI STUDIO exhibition space was created to feature local artists of and near EAST LOS ANGELES.  Our purpose is to make fine art accessible to the local community and to celebrate the very rich and layered indigenous culture that is deeply rooted in East L.A.