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THE LAND OF WE, Art by Erin Yoshi

Tonalli Studio is proud to present The Land of We, from the creative imagination of muralist, Erin Yoshi.  In her breakthrough solo show, she introduces us to a world of eco-diversity and ancient cultural traditions.   It was important for Yoshi to introduce this exhibition in East LA because of her familial roots in the neighborhood.  After painting murals around the globe, she has come home to unfold this tale.  We are excited to support her in manifesting her vision. Welcome to the Land of We. 

Erin Yoshi's artwork goes beyond the easel.  Her artwork is a reflection of her journey through the contradictions of life amplifying the beautiful, the raw, and the downright ugly.  The work is rooted in her historic cultural memories and informed by current global conditions.  She uses her creative practice to inspire, engage and transform space.  Yoshi's work encompasses abstract color vibrations with figurative storytelling.  Through her practice, she strives to create hope and lines of camaraderie.